I am Donovan Coley Jr.  I love music & science.  I’ve built multiple brands and lived in multiple cities.  My passions include my family, real estate, auto drifting, music production & media creation.  My current projects include DOCO(EDM Artist) and am currently prototyping my next project Vandreaux (App Dev).  My goal is to release artwork and launch events on a regular basis.  I have an album ready for release and plan on releasing it in the 33rd week of 2018 to coincide with my 33rd birthday on 08.18.18.  I guess my lucky numbers this year are 3 & 8!  All jokes aside, I have been archiving my creations and thoughts on this website in hopes of finding more collaborators and organizing my workflow.  Having a permanent online portfolio gives me new creative and mental freedom knowing everything is safe in one place.  Feel free to peruse donovancoley.com/jr as there are albums, beats, ideas and plans for future product releases and event launches!  If you would like to be involved or just want to chat feel free to shoot me an email directly via docomusic[at]icloud.com