When you see them in the club point em out, point em out

When you see them on the floor point em out, point em out

Sexy girls that just don’t care put your hands up in the air

Cuz when I see that sexy ass I point em out, point em out

Can’t believe it man this shawty she is all on me

Don’t deserve her but I got her and she’s all on me

She keeps making me smile and I’m diggin her style stickin with her a while

And yeah she’s all on me

Dancin All on me

Kissin All on me

Lovin All on me

Sexin All on me

All on, All on me

Stop look what’s that now everybody’s drinks is goin down down down

Cut through the crowd tell the bartender fill it up now

Next round of drinks on me just playin you know girls drink for free

So get your girlfriends together and get a drink for me