Pool 2018.03.17.SAT

Back again with another pool update!  I woke up at the crack of 8am and immediately head outside, then immediately back inside to grab a sweatshirt, then back outside to work on the pool!  I cleaned the filter, brushed the sides, brushed the bottom, cleaned the skimmer basket, and added another pound of shock.  It all took about 30 minutes total, and I was video taping the entire process, which means I can probably knockout a full clean in about 15 minutes.  I also did laundry and cooked breakfast during this time, so the morning routine took about 2hrs total.  I can definitely get this down to an hour with practice and some fine tuning.  Here’s what the pool looked this morning.

I’m now out of acid and shock so I’ll need to place an order for both soon.  I also haven’t used any liquid chlorine since I started this process 3 days ago so that’s next on the list.  Only problem is liquid chlorine is a local endeavour, which includes DRIVING (boo).