86 Kicks 31 Rims
49 Claps 40 Percussion
31 Snares 24 Hats
15 Crashes 12 Cymbals
25 Kick Enhancers 15  Shakers
16 Synthetic Transients

OVER 300 SOUNDS IN 24-Bit / 44.1 WAV

Volume 3, the climactic conclusion to the Urban Fire Trilogy, more than lives up to its predecessors. The SonicSpecialists designed Volume 3 to be the most complete and comprehensive volume to date. The attention to detail and quality control implemented has brought Urban Fire to the forefront of its class and proves to be the Drum Library that is an instant classic and a mainstay in every producer’s repertoire for years to come! Step up your game today!

The Sonic Specialists have created Urban Fire: Sounds Of The Super Producers with one goal in mind; creating the most usable and exciting Drum Library available on the planet. Quality is the most important factor in creating each sample. We never, ever, add less-than amazing sounds to our libraries in hopes of boosting the numbers. Each and every sound is compressed, saturated, equalized and processed to be the best sound of it’s type. Each thud and crackle, every stereo image and tone is tweaked until complete perfection.

Urban Fire has the same commercial sound heard in your favorite songs by the current Super Producers, but are only available here! Fresh off of designing custom sounds for Native Instruments as well as having sounds used on major records from artists such as F.L.O.R.I.D.A., Rick Ross, Jadakiss, Britney Spears, T-Pain, Beyonce, and more, the SonicSpecialists are determined to continually bring customers that very same success. It’s time to discover the industry’s best kept secret. It’s time for you to discover Urban Fire.