Never Ego

Lanai/Garage is only level open.

$500/hr = $1m/yr

Avoid Impulsivity
Be able to laugh at self
Drop defensiveness
Engage with new friends
Avoid clutter
Don’t procrastinate
Avoid distractions
Remove things that hinder your spiritual,physical, emotional growth
Know with God’s help you can achieve your goals one step at a time.

‘Winners believe in their worth in advance of their performance’
-Denis Waitley

If you’re new to my organization. You’re at the top of the bottom. Be ready to work your dick off. If you don’t have a dick, be ready to grow one, then be ready to work your freshly grown dick off, immediately.

This is how I feel regardless of how much my organization is making. If we all work as hard as we can no matter what the universe gives us, we will always win in the long run!

She does not goto bed with me.
She doesn’t not dictate my sleep.

Journey To Professor..
Journey To Professor, come in Professor.

I’ve been trying to get a hold of you since at least 30 mega clicks ago, but still we soldier on. Doing everything we can to continue with your name. We’ve done everything you we went over in training. There’s still alarms going off that we can’t understand but still we soldier on.

Let them in..
Let them in, come in Professor.

It has been such a long time.

6AM – Alarm on the phone | Take Meds

Sleep Cycle Alarm says ‘WAKE & TAKE MEDS’

I’m coming over

What is ‘taking shots’ for a producer.
Fernando Ortega
Nancy on Moody
Write every single day
I want to make an impact, so you have to do a lot of dedicated and invested TIME.


Sarahs help you expand your territory


April 1st is Bare Bones


If music is my GOAL, am I doing everything in my knowledge that people do.


Time Limit.. Because I’m an intellectual.

Time Limit and tuition.

M U S I C . A U D I O

Client #1 is getting me 2 clients by next week.

0 Commit to commitment.

1 Write a plan.

2 Starting the school.