Fixed the a/c. Had to go outside, open the wall switch panel, flip down the back up the main outdoor hvac breaker. The fan immediately started spinning, which should make the house cool down. I had the house set to 84 when I left. I set it to 74 at ~3:30am today.

Yeah I guess that didn’t fix the a/c unit. It’s still not blowing cold air. Ugh

Turned off the inside unit at the inside closet wall breaker.  Turned off the thermostat.  Went outside turned off the main outdoor HVAC unit at the wall breaker.  Took off the main HVAC panel, inspected the wires and found a disconnected red cable with gator clip attached to the end.  I connected aforementioned gator clip to the one terminal missing a wire.  Closed everything back up, turned everything back on, and am confidently waiting to experience cold air! I set it to 74 at ~8:30am today.

Air conditioner is working! The problem was a single cable being disconnected from the main HVAC outdoor unit under the main skin/case.