Git //

git init
git add
git status // use this to constantly check files in stage area
git commit
git push // sends local git repository to Github’s repository
git pull // receives remote repo from GitHub
git clone

// install git

// add email to git
Git config —global ‘Apollo Vandreaux’
Git config —global ‘’

// add & remove file to staging area
Git add // add a file
Git add *.html // add .html files
Git add . // add all files

// remove file from staging area
Gid rm —cached

// commit
Git commit
Press ‘I’ for insert mode and to be able to type
Un ‘comment’ “Initial Commit” by removing the number sign/pound from the beginning of the line.
Press ‘esc’ to exit insert typing mode
Type :wq to write and quit vim text editor

// update
Vim in a different tab or in your text editor (sublime text) to modify your file(s)
Git status
Git add .

// ignore
Touch .gitignore // creates a .gitignore file and just add the files you want to ignore to this file

// branch
Git branch // create a new branch
git checkout // switch to this branch
Git merge // merge branch

// remote
Git remote
Git remote add origin
Git push -u origin master

// readme
This is my app