SHORT VERSION: Twin SD Cards (Personal & Professional). Twin Thunderbolt Drives. 1 DAS (Work). Twin NAS (Home & Work). Edit. Save MOV & MP4. Trim Project Footage & Keep Timeline Used Only. DS1815+ for Home Office. DS1817+ for Work Office. Excel Master List of Archived Hard Drives containing Masters, Compressed & Projects.

Info taken from Tested


Footage: Sony FS5 & Canon C100

Capture: SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB 95 MB/s SD Cards

Travel: Camera Bag & Personal Travel Bag

Return: After shooting & make 2 copies of the cards.. 1 to NAS, 1 to EDIT Drive

Editing A: Edit Drive @ Office: Pegasus 2 R4 DAS (Direct Attached Storage) via Thunderbolt

Editing B: Goto the editing bay and begin to edit the footage.

Exporting A: 2 versions. ProRes Master File (.mov 17GB) & Compressed H.264 Version for YouTube (3.6GB)

Exporting B: Saving Space Step: Adobe Media’s Archival Tool does TRIMMING so only keep RAW of footage used in timeline

Archiving A: Synology Disk Station DS1815+ for Home office archiving.

Archiving B: Synology Disk Station DS1817+ NAS for Edit office (remote office).

Note: MOV = WAV | MP4 = MP3

Cataloging A: Excel Sheet Master File List: Masters, Compressed H264, Projects, Listed & Searchable.

Retrieval A: “This project is on Drive 14 & also in the cloud.”

Repeat: Film, copy, store, archive. #Loop