God woke me up at 5:55am. I walked to my kitchen and took my meds. My 6am alarm went off on my kitchen clock radio. I smiled, and stayed up. I have been trying to capture the beauty of the moon all morning so far. For an hour and a half I struggled to take a picture of the full moon. It has not worked out to my standards. Despite my use of a tripod, multiple camera settings, and different vantage points, I have failed. Yet, I am happy. Why am I happy? I spent my morning with the moon. The moon we all share. The moon Jesus looked at. The moon are descendents will see. I love shared experiences. I consider celestial objects, such as the moon, as shared experiences. Experiences we can all agree upon. The moon is there. We can see it. There is no discord, no confusion. The moon just is. Amen.