Do these two actions scratch the same itch?  Gaming is defined as first, gambling, and second, video gaming.  Gambling is known as playing games with money on the line.  If you’re playing video games, are you not as well gambling?  With money, and as with all things, your time?  You pay $60-$100 USD for the game, and you pay 100+ hours of your time (if it’s a good game).  If your time is worth $10/hr you have devoted $1,100 to that game.  Is it worth it?  Will you take steps to make sure it’s a little more worth it each time you game?  I believe we should game for a reason, and not just for fun.  If you’re going to do anything you should do it for a reason.  Even sex has a purpose, and fun is not #1.  Every action can and should serve a function, a positive benefit of doing said action in the first place.  That’s why when I game, I broadcast it.  That’s why when I do anything, I broadcast it.  It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, as long as it’s netting a positive benefit.  Creating value.  Broadcast value creation.  If your gaming, or gambling, isn’t creating value.. What is it really doing for you?  Make your life worth it.  Create value daily.  Make creating value part of your daily ritual.  And as always, thanks for reading.