221 Mammoth Kicks 121 Slammin’ Claps
94 Gut Wrenching Snares 125 Sizzlin Hi-Hats
100 Multi-Saturated 808 Sounds 153 World Percussion Sounds
58 Boomin’ Toms 15 Lucious Crashes
31 Kick Enhancers 20 Snare Enhancers
20 Dirty Drum Tones

OVER 900 SOUNDS IN 24-Bit / 44.1 WAV

You asked for it, and here it is! The most powerful package we’ve ever offered the public. Urban Fire Volume Five is the biggest, most comprehensive collection of 100% Original Sounds — completely crafted by The Sonic Specialists! Urban Fire 5 builds on the highly sought after UF Series by adding over 850 Brand New, Fully Mixed and Mastered, crystal clear Drum & Percussion sounds to your Sample Library! The kicks are bigger, the snares are snappier, the claps are more defined, and the percussion and other sound elements must be heard to be believed! More Hip-Hop sounds, more 808s, more Rap elements, more Pop and Cross-Over ready one-shots! Be one of the first to use the new Industry Standard in Drum Libraries, and join the ranks of Super Producers to bring your productions to the next level. Along with the elements Sonic Specialists are known for, such as Kick Enhancers, Luscious Crashes, and beef and potatoes offerings such as Kicks, Snares, Claps, and Hi-Hats, several new features are included in Urban Fire Five; they are:

808opia: A collection of 808 samples, all processed to the point of perfection, including up to THREE saturation levels per sounds! This is the new standard in 808 drum sounds.

Snare Enhancers: A collection of snare transients specially designed and processed to make your snares pop out of the mix and hit hard. These can be layered with snares you already own, or blended to taste with already existing snares in the urban fire libraries.

Percs N’ Heartbreak: A set of percussive sounds recorded and processed in the vein of Kanye West’s new album, 808 & Heartbreak.

Dirty Tones: Tones you can use to enforce your kicks and snares! These tones will give your drums a new lease on life as well as add dimension to them.

Percussive Suite: A eclectic suite of over 150 percussive sounds that span the globe. These are a must have for any producers arsenal.