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Wednesday 28
Adobe ID
[expand title=”Callen Website Ideas”][/expand]
TeamViewer new HEART 603543437 & EARTH 433932804
Auntie P’s Debtors
Black Influencers Bianca Renee Jawun Ahmud
Block Chrome Location
[expand title=”Body”]Skin
Pepper ID Tag Order Amazon CNATTAGS 114-4633951-7576224
Birthday Album Release Event Awake
[expand title=”Will Smith Success Secrets”]Love Living, Inner Greatness, This is what I believe and I’m willing to die for it.  I know who I am and what I believe, so from there you do what you need to do. Talent (natural) vs Skill (practice) WORK ETHIC I will outrun and outwork everyone.  Make other people’s lives better.  You really can make anything you want.  Alchemist.  Believe.  The first step is you have to believe it.  No plan B, just plan A.  BE DELUSIONAL.  Thoughts are physical.  Decide what you want to do and do it.  The universe wants to flow around you.  Learn to flow with the universe.  You can’t spread out and do multiple things, you have to focus with all of your heart and creativity in ONE THING.
Religion is how past cultures learned how to read.
Strip Laptop
Color Theory – Value, Temperature, Saturation
[expand title=”Earth orbit & rotation”]Earth revolves around the Sun in 365.26 days, a period known as an Earth year. During this time, Earth rotates about its axis about 366.26 times.[n 5] 0.9972423961 OR 1.0027652293. So ridiculous.[/expand]
DIEM-24H MOON-730.5H YEAR-8766H

Thursday 1

Friday 2
Red Robin
Donovan Coley Sr
Grace Dandie Coley

Coliseum 5k+30/plate, Grand Wayne 5k+30/plate | Pieres, Headwaters?
Flight: 890 7G6HTQ FRI APR 27 2:06-4:32P PIE – FWA

Allen County Public Library
Adam Murphy
Dwan Porter

[expand title=”Venues”]river city, fillmore, parkview sport one, headwaters park, plex, underground, queen b village bowling alley,double dragon, conspiracy, flashbacks, earlybirds, deer park, beer tents on the landing, old casa d’angelo, wunderkramer[/expand]

[expand title=”Artists”]blake blurry[/expand]

[expand title=”Events”]electric spring, dmc competition, dj pay*[/expand]

Tronic Thursdays at O’Sullivans
DJ Eclpys 260249067?

Credit Card Numbers
House Cleaning & Yard Maintence is $100 each.

1st House in Chicago = 2306 Hermon.. Mark & Algie
Music. Message. Ministry.  80% live in the neighborhood.
[expand title=”Mosaic Church Times”]9, 10:30, 12, 7, 8:30[/expand]

Saturday 3
The Kennedy Latin Night
Donovan Coley Jr
Valerie Ayala-Otero + Family & Friends

Awake Venue 8/17 Franklin School Park 9am-11pm available $203 + $100 Caterer + $10/hr Bartender

Activate Goals.. $1000 profit, $5 ticket, 200 people. DJs sell 10 tickets to play, 20 DJs to sell 20 tickets. Promoters sell 5 tickets to get in free, 40 promoters to sell 200 tickets.  10p-5a, 7hr, 2 stages. 12-18 Family & Friends, 18-00 Team & Fans. Tue $6k 5pm-5am, Jamie from LAssissins, 4xB via StevexO


Sunday 4
The Crossing Church
Valerie Ayala-Otero
Jackelyn Otero
Grace Otero
Manuel Ayala

Monday 5
Publix Online Shopping & Order Delivery
Therapy Session with Judith Hylton

Tuesday 6
Promotion Meeting with Iolani Toracca
door+10%bar, Monday MMW, Tampa locals, Orlando, CBD Patio & Inside
Beats are weapons!
Checked BILL, already scheduled except ELEC (not billed yet)
Fake it til you make it but never forget you’re faking it.
Physical and Mental Health > Credit Score

Wednesday 7
Body – Donovan Coley Jr’s Diet
Show – Miami Music Week Schedule